Staff Picks: Design Your Dream Ben & Jerry's Flavor


What's your dream flavor? [Photograph: via shutterstock]

We have to hand it to them; when it comes to ice cream with mix-ins, Ben & Jerry's is hard to beat. And because we like to dream big at SE* we asked ourselves, if you could have B&J's create any flavor you wanted, what would it be? And no, the realities of science need not apply.

*Or just amuse ourselves with questions like, if you could have any burger delivered to you right now, what would it be? It passes the time.

So check out our answers and chime in with your own concoctions in the comments section below!

Our Dream Flavors

Sea salt, dark chocolate, burnt caramel, buttered pecans, dark chocolate malted milk balls, all mixed into espresso ice cream.—Ed Levine, SE Overlord

Der... I don't know how to say this, but I'm not really a "flavors" kind of guy. I appreciate ice cream for its basic technique and quality, not its wackiness. Too boring? Oh, ok. I suppose I've always been partial to buttermilk or yogurt flavored ice creams, so let's go with buttermilk as one of the base flavors. And wait, buttermilk makes me think of pancakes, so let's go ahead and add a swirl of salty maple caramel to that guy. And what's pancakes and syrup without bacon? Clusters of chocolate covered bacon too, please. Dark chocolate. And fine, let's go ahead and add some nuts too. Toasted almonds for me, please.—J.Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Creative Officer


Riffing off Max's thai tea ice cream Photograph: Max Falkowitz

Tea Thai'm; it's a ceylon or black tea ice cream base with mochi mix'ins and condense milk swirls. It should be slightly bitter but rich with a nice chew—everything you want in a Thai bubble tea. Keeping the mochi pliant after freezing might be a little hard, but I'm sure Ben and Jerry's scientists can figure something out. Make this happen please!—Leang Chaing, Sales Operations Manager

This probably exists in some million-year-old Italian gelateria, but I want B&J to do something involving a ricotta base with hunks of chewy almond or pistachio marzipan. Maybe throw some orange blossom honey in there, too? I know it's a little more understated than their usual combos, but they could call it something cute like The Italian Stallion and totally get away with it.—Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor


Times 100 please [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

You know what coffee heath bar crunch really needs? Malt. And a fudge swirl. And triple the amount of heath bars.—Max Falkowitz, New York Editor

A swirl of coffee and salted caramel ice creams with heath bar chunks, yogurt pretzels, and dark chocolate-covered cranberries. #Lifeiscomplete. —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Assistant Managing Editor


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

I'm a HUGE fan of s'mores made with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, so I'd love an ice cream flavor that has toasted marshmallows and ribbons of creamy peanut butter, plus graham cracker bits. For the chocolate, I might go darker than the traditional Reese's. For the ice cream itself, maybe keep it simple vanilla. Yum!—Maggie Hoffman, Senior Editor

My dream, and it is a lofty one, is for Ben & Jerry's to introduce an ice cream with jelly beans mixed in. Of course, if you simply add them in, they'll get cold and transform into the consistency of little rocks. So the company would have to find a way for them to maintain the same texture, while mixing with the ice cream. Now, get to work.—Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor


Rainbow cookie ice cream sandwich, or halfway there [Photo: Robyn Lee]

If you could make a rainbow cookie that would survive as a mix-in, I'd start (and end) there. Actually Niki and Jamie's concoctions sound kind of dreamy. Ok, how about a vanilla bean ice cream base with bourbon-soaked peaches (look, in my dream world, Ben & Jerry's sells booze), little chunks of pecan praline, salted butter shortbread, and maybe a brown sugar swirl?—Carrie Vasios Mullins, Sweets Editor


Ever since 1998, there's been one discontinued Ben & Jerry's flavor lingering in the back of my mind: Dilbert's World Totally Nuts, featuring butter almond ice cream with roasted hazelnuts, praline pecans, and almonds in a white fudge shell. Considering the last time I ate it may have been in middle school, my positive memories may not be all that trustworthy, but that list of ingredients sounds waaay up my alley. I'd want that flavor again, with added gooey marshmallow and fudge swirls. I guess the result would be Rocky Road-esque‐like a snowy Rocky Road with extra goo.—Robyn Lee, AHT Editor/Art Director