We Eat Every Doughnut at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

[Photographs: Joy Lin]

Doughnuts, how we (and everyone else) love thee. What used to be the favorite breakfast treat of children and television cops is now one of the latest artisanal dessert crazes in Southern California.

In 2012, Chef Brooke Des Prez and co-owners Chi-lin and Sumter Pendergrast put their heads together and founded the brick-and-mortar Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. Not only did they put their unique stamp on gourmet doughnuts, becoming a SoCal favorite, they also made coffee aficionados extremely happy by carrying Portland darling Stumptown Coffee.

Because theirs is such a varied menu (they carry flavors ranging from Huckleberry to Green Eggs & Ham), we decided someone needed to try every doughnut on the menu from savory to sweet to savory-sweet. That someone was us. Check out all our thoughts in the slideshow.