Sugar Rush: Double Shot Cookie at Dandelion Chocolate, SF


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios Mullins]

If it's your first time at Dandelion Chocolate, I definitely recommend buying a plain bar of chocolate. They're expensive (we're talking $8 and up for a bar) but it's also some of the most interesting and delicious chocolate I've tried. If it's your second time at the store, or you have less money in your pocket, I'd head straight to the small but excellent selection of baked goods and throw your cash down for a double shot cookie ($3).


The cookie is made with espresso from local Four Barrel coffee and chocolate from Dandelion's own 85% Maya Mountain bar. I tried that bar on its own and it's a far cry from the other unbalanced, dry, chalky, and overly tart over-80% bars I've had. There are strong notes of sour cherry and a general fruity twang without being too tannic, and what's cool is that if you try the bar and then try the cookie, you'll be able to pick out the unique flavors of the chocolate in the baked good. (In fact the overall effect is so fruity I wouldn't be surprised to hear they're lacing the dough with a little kirsch.) The chocolate does overpower the coffee, though, which acts more to boost the chocolate flavor than stand on its own.

As far as texture goes, it's also a winner. The big cookie has a crackly, shiny top. When you take a bite, the crumb compresses and becomes like fudge—dense and chewy under your teeth.

In short: the double shot cookie tastes first and foremost like the 85% Maya Mountain bar that it's made with. Which, at $3, makes it a good deal for those who don't want to shell out for the bar.