Market Tour: Slodycze Wedel is Greenpoint's Go-To for Polish Candy

[Photographs: Ben Jay]

Poland is home to a remarkably vibrant and under-appreciated candy culture. Brands like E. Wedel and Wawel are a key part of Poland's national identity, and the confections they produce are as iconic there as anything produced by Hershey's or Cadbury. While Polish candy doesn't enjoy tremendously widespread availability in the United States, it can be readily found in specialty stores, especially in ethnic enclaves.

Słodycze Wedel in Greenpoint, home to one of New York's largest Polish communities (43.6% of residents claimed Polish ancestry in the 2010 census), is the candy store which the neighborhood deserves. Since opening about 15 years ago, Słodycze Wedel, which translates simply to "Candy Wedel," has become not just a necessary Polish candy shop, but one of Brooklyn's best candy shops period, especially if you're a chocolate lover.

Assorted E. Wedel Chocolates

Most of Słodycze Wedel's stock is chocolate—chocolate bars, individually wrapped chocolates and truffles, chocolates with liquor, and gift boxes (much of it on the dark side)—but there's also a selection of fruit candies, krówki, chałwa, and other Polish snacks.

The candy is remarkably inexpensive, with loose chocolates selling for about $7.99/lb, several chocolate bars for under $1, and some boxes for as little as $5. If you'd like to see what we saw and ate there, check out the slideshow above.

Wedel Camel