Bake the Book: Espresso Bundt Cake

[Photograph: Frankie Frankeny]

There's a double shot of espresso in this cake from The Model Bakery Cookbook. First, in a coffee-flavored ribbon of batter that runs through the ring, and again in an oozy glaze that covers the entire dish.

Tips: The way the espresso is incorporated is a clever trick: first, the raw batter is divided into thirds. Next, the espresso is whisked into one of the thirds. Last, the batter is layered into the pan like so: plain, coffee, then plain again. It's a neat way to add flavor to a cake, and translates well to other flavors. A lemon poppyseed bundt cake with a poppyseed ribbon and matching glaze, perhaps?

Tweaks: There's not much here that needs improving. But if you do have one of those geometric bundt pans, bust it out. It will look lovely, and the peaks and valleys hold glaze well. Note: You may need slightly thicker glaze for it to stick. If that's the case, just add a little less espresso to the powdered sugar.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The Model Bakery Cookbook to give away.