6 Sweet Gifts For Your Valentine


Chocolate-Covered Figs and Salted Caramels from Fran's Chocolates

Fran Bigelow is best known for her smoked salted caramels, and if caramel is your sweetie's thing, then don't hesitate to order a box. If you're looking for something with two times the aphrodisiacs, try the Double Chocolate Figs ($6.50 each; more if boxed). A whole dried Calimyrna fig is filled with a ganache made from semisweet chocolate pieces and heavy whipping cream, and then covered in dark chocolate.

Macarons from Payard


A freshly baked Cronut may be the hot item to procure for your Valentine, but I don't know of many who would complain about receiving a box of macarons from Francois Payard. These delicate cookies come in a variety of flavors, though for this special day you might want to go with Passion Fruit. Don't live near one of Payard's patisseries? No problem, the macarons are available for purchase online.

Askinosie Chocolates


Is your Valentine a chocoholic who cares about fair trade farming practices? (Hey, don't act like we're not out there.) Then Askinosie is a great place to source your present. It's been a leader in the movement of chocolate-makers who have an open book policy about bean sourcing and a commitment to fair and direct trade with farmers. If you visit their website, you can see the region that the beans were sourced from as well as the lead farmer for the crop. The spicy, sweet, and salty Dark Milk Chocolate + Ancho Chile & Pistachio Bar ($9) is a personal favorite.

Claire's Squares


If I'm anything to go by, cookie monsters will go nuts for Claire's Squares. The signature squares are a combination of a buttery, lightly salted shortbread cookie base, a gooey caramel center, and a Belgian milk chocolate topping. Seriously, who doesn't love a cookie topped with a layer of pulls-away-from-the-bar, luxurious, slightly smokey caramel?

Eleni's Conversation Hearts


As cute as they are in a throw-back to Kindergarten kind of way, I wouldn't recommend actually giving your Valentine a bag of chalky conversation hearts. But if you still want to get the message across (Be Mine!) then order up a box of these decorated sugar cookies. Don't be scared by the colored icing or decorations—Eleni's actually produces balanced, tasty sugar cookies. And they're available to ship.

Nutella Shirt


On Valentine's Day, one can only hope that you love your significant other as much as Nutella loves toast. Show it with this shirt.