Exciting Flavors at the Undrgrnd Donuts Food Truck in Philadelphia


[Photographs: Emily Teel]

Though there are countless members of the fried dough family, doughnuts in Philadelphia tend to fall into two categories: light and fluffy yeasted doughnuts (think Krispy Kreme), or the more dense and sometimes even pudding-y cake doughnuts. The former are hard to beat at Beiler's Hand Rolled Doughnuts in Reading Terminal Market, and Federal Doughnuts gets all the credit for the latter variety. But last September, a new doughnut rolled into town.


Undrgrnd Donuts is a doughnut food truck that has joined the rotation of Philly's other great options for truck dining at spots like 33rd and Arch, The Navy Yard, and The Porch at 30th Street Station. Their doughnuts (which at $2.00 each are about the most budget friendly thing you can get from a boutique food truck these days) are of the cake variety, and the flavor options are exciting ones.

There's the Monkey Chunk, which features a doughnut dunked in banana glaze and topped with chocolate chips and walnuts. The Camping Out, a play on s'mores, features a chocolate glaze with graham craker crumbs and marshmallow. A tribute to Homer Simpson, the Homer is a vanilla glazed with chocolate-bacon chunks and turbinado sugar.


Five-dollars gets you the Big Breakfast Double Dose, two doughnuts of your choice and a cup of coffee. If you can't decide on what flavor to get, order the "420." What is it? According to Undrgrnd it's "whatever we got man, just chill." Be prepared though, these doughnuts are definitely sugar bombs, but they're nonetheless a welcome addition to the Philly doughnut family.

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About the Author: Emily Teel is food writer and recipe developer in Philadelphia. Follow along at on Instagram @emily_teel or Twitter @brotherly_grub, and see more of her work at emilyteel.com