Jacques Torres' Top Picks for Valentine's Day Sweets in NYC


Jaques Torres [Photograph: Barry Johnson]

With its abundance of bakeries, specialty shops, and fine dining desserts, New York City has a wide variety of sweets that would be perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day. To help hone in some of the city's best bets, we asked Master Pastry Chef Jacques Torres to be our sweets sherpa and point out some of his top picks for romantic desserts in New York City.

From profiteroles to a dark chocolate parfait, it should come as no surprise that the chef who is affectionately known as "Mr. Chocolate" led us to several desserts that feature chocolate in a leading or supporting role. See those and more in his list of picks below.

Jacques' Favorite Valentine's Day Treats and Desserts in NYC


Paris-New York from Dominique Ansel Bakery (Serious Eats NY review) [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Paris-New York from Dominique Ansel Bakery: This twist on the classic Paris-Brest pastry is the very essence of Paris' romance and New York's energy all in one delicious treat! Amazing!

Profiteroles from Benoit Bistro: Profiteroles are a wonderful two-person-dessert; share the puff pastry dipped in chocolate fondue with your love!

Dark Chocolate Parfait from Le Bernardin: This dessert has a perfect dulce de leche melting heart. Such a romantic metaphor!


Churros from La Churreria (Sugar Rush) [Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

Churros from La Churreria: Churros for one or churros for two, or churros for one shared by two? Don't forget to dip in chocolate!

Lady Ann Smith Apple from Daniel: The Lady Ann Smith Apple is fresh and tasty at the same time. The flavors are amazing, and it is a very feminine dessert. And we all want the ladies to be happy for Valentine's Day, right?

"Caramel" from Jean-Georges: The dessert named "caramel" is sweet and delicious, the kind of dessert you really want for a cozy and tasty moment with your other half!


The macaron case at Payard (First Look) [Photograph: Alice Gao]

Macarons from Francois Payard Bakery: Francois is French, and a macaron is the perfect French dessert. And really, what country represents romance at its best? France, of course!