The 10 Sweet Breakfasts You Should be Eating Right Now in Portland, OR

[Photographs: Lindsay Strannigan]

Does your sweet tooth wake you up in the morning? Do you dream of short stacks of pancakes, drowning in maple syrup? Do you believe that donuts are the best way to start the day? If so, you're certainly not alone.

Here in Portland, we are firm believers that life is short and so we eat our dessert first. Only, we cleverly disguise dessert in the form of pancakes, waffles, donuts, and other indulgent breakfast dishes. There's just something so cozy and comforting about starting your day off with a little something sweet—it puts a spring in your step and a smile in your belly. Thus, we went in search of the best sweet breakfasts in Portland and we found 10 great dishes that will be sure to start your day off right. Click through the slideshow to see them all or head straight to a dish below.

Honey & Sea Salt Donuts at Pip's Original
Pantangko with Coconut Custard at Sen Yai
Biscuit French Toast at Lauretta Jean's
Oven-Griddled Apple Muffin at Ned Ludd
Brown Butter Beignets at Imperial
Abelskivers with Lemon Curd and Lingonberry Jam at Broder Nord
Pumpkin Pie Waffle at The Waffle Window
Kabocha Squash Pancakes at Oso Market
French Toast Bagel at Bowery Bagels
Oatmeal Chai Blueberry Pancakes at Jam on Hawthorne