Supermarket Sweets: We Try the New Gingerbread Twix and M&Ms

Supermarket Sweets

Taste-test, Aisle 1.


[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

The fall and winter months are always an exciting time to browse the candy aisles, especially if you like limited edition sweets styled around the flavors of the season. While the two dominant flavors seem to be pumpkin (in November) and peppermint (in December), I'm all about gingerbread, so I was stoked to see two new candies that pay homage to the tasty cookie: gingerbread Twix ($2.88) and gingerbread milk chocolate M&M's ($2.88).


The festive color palate of the gingerbread milk chocolate M&M's immediately suggests the holiday season, but the gingerbread flavor only creeps in as an aftertaste, and even then tastes more like molasses than spice. Once the novelty wore off (sometime around M&M number three), so did my interest in these candies. I could see them being a tasty addition to a batch of chewy ginger cookies, but eaten by themselves, they're a letdown.


With its cookie component, Twix is a better vehicle for a gingerbread cookie-inspired candy bar, but it's the caramel, not the cookie, that's gingerbread flavored. This time, it's a success. The gingerbread flavoring is more realistic, without the deep, bass notes of molasses.


The presence of the cookie also goes along way. Its crisp, crumbly texture is similar to a gingersnap, which makes the flavor more convincing and successful. I can already see another bag in my future.

If you want to check out these gingerbread candies for yourself, they're in a special section full of seasonal candies, not the regular candy section (something I discovered after circling the entire store).