14 Winter Preserves to Make and Gift

Cranberry Port Jam. [Photograph: Lucy Baker ]

Sweet and tangy preserves have always been a way to enjoy the summer and fall harvests throughout the winter. But even if you didn't get a head start on preserving your strawberries and blueberries, you can use the bounty of what's available now to give a gift that will last.

Other reasons to make and give your own preserves? They're really not difficult to make, though they are incredibly thoughtful (and easy on the wallet.) If you want to go a little further, decorate and customize the labels on your jars.

We've selected twelve fall and winter-themed recipes, from a cranberry potpourri that will fill your room with holiday scents to a quince paste for the cheese lover in your life. Jump to one below or click through the slideshow for more inspiration!

The Recipes