Let Them Eat: Leftover Cranberry Sauce Cake

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Cake - SACASA.jpg

Leftovers, not looked-overs. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

Leftovers are not always cheered at the dinner table, but that changes on Thanksgiving. After the big family meal, football, and crazy late-night shopping have passed, people poke their heads into their refrigerators, their open mouths, basking in the glow of what they know what's in there. Stuffing! Turkey! Potatoes! All the makings for a gobbler sandwich or turkey hash are right there, waiting to be re-imagined into an over-the-top holiday meal.

The only post-Thanksgiving item that goes overlooked year after year in my fridge is cranberry sauce. Granted, I've gone overboard and made three to four varieties, but still, this year I was determined to find a purpose for it. The recipe that follows is a standard sour cream coffeecake, dense and rich, crusted with a cookie-like covering of almonds, and scented with orange zest. In the middle, dollops of rescued cranberry sauce. The flavors of orange, almond, and cranberry go seamlessly together, you're effectively using leftovers, and, should you have guests still about over the weekend, you have a breakfast or snack at the hand.