Sugar Rush: S'Mores Bar at Sugar Mama's Bakeshop, Austin

S'Mores Bar at Sugar Mama's Bakeshop

Photograph: Stef Shapira

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop is known for their cupcakes—they even won a recent episode of the Food Network show Cupcake Wars—but don't make the mistake of ignoring the other desserts in the pastry case at this Austin bakery. Owner Olivia O'Neal and her crew also make some serious cookies, bars, and pies.

Among the wide selection of sweets at Sugar Mama's, the S'Mores Bar was one my favorites. Most variations of S'Mores aren't done right: mushing together a limp marshmallow, a melted bar of chocolate, and graham cracker crumbs doesn't do the dessert justice. Sugar Mama's S'Mores Bar, however, is the closest thing you'll taste without actually being in front of the campfire, skewer in hand.

The key ingredient to the bar is the housemade marshmallow on top, which has been torched to give it that smoky taste and make it extra gooey. Beneath the marshmallow lies a rich layer of mousse-like dark chocolate followed by a tier of crumbly, buttery graham cracker with just a hint of salt. If you still aren't channeling your last camping trip, you can take your S'Mores bar to the counter and ask for the marshmallow to be re-toasted.

"When we started making the S'Mores bar, there were S'Mores cupcakes everywhere and we wanted to do something different," says O'Neal.

Following the success of the first Sugar Mama's location, O'Neal is planning to open a second bakeshop on Austin's Eastside. Expect a mid-century decor and some new, more sophisticated desserts. "Sugar Mama's East will be the older, sassier sister to the funky South First location," says O'Neal.