My 'Dream Candy Bag' in New York City

[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

Ed. Note: Imagine for a second that we lived in an alterna-verse (an awesome alterna-verse) in which the bounty from your Halloween trick-or-treating session included all your favorite candies or chocolates. What would be in the bag? We asked a few writers, and here's what SE:NY Sugar Rush columnist and founder Niko Triantafillou had to say.

Putting together a Dream Halloween Candy Bag in a city like New York is a tough task. I decided to go the chocolate route, filling a bag with everything from Dark-N-Stormy truffles to an extra large "Yuzu Fruit" chocolate. There are so many great chocolatiers both big and small that it's nearly impossible to pick my favorites going by taste alone. So, for my list, I decided to also weigh aesthetics, artistic creativity, and whimsy.

Of course first and foremost, the chocolates had to taste great. In some cases my choices have very little aesthetic value. These sweets were chosen for one of two reasons: 1) they were too compellingly delicious to not include or 2) they had sentimental value.

Chocolate Buddha from Bond Street Chocolates

Some of these chocolates are quite spectacular. The Yuzu Fruit from Francisco Migoya's Hudson Chocolates blurs the line between art and chocolate. Similarly, if mom and dad went through my Halloween basket back in the day and found one of Bond Street Chocolate's Chocolate Buddhas, I'd imagine they might have thought I'd robbed a jewelry store.

Those are only the beginning. See more of my dream chocolates in the the slideshow above.