Bake the Book: St John Eccles Cakes

[Photograph: Jason Lowe]

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Eccles cakes have been around for hundreds of years, and the recipe is mostly the same: a flaky pastry is filled with currant paste, and sometimes dusted with sugar. The Complete Nose to Tail makes its own version by eschewing the traditional lard-based pastry, instead using pure butter, and slashing the top, allowing its sweet innards to ooze through.

Tips & Tweaks: We understand the temptation to not bother making puff pastry from scratch. And that's fine; use store-bought if you must, just follow the instructions on the package, and be careful when thawing it out. If you're feeling more adventurous, we provide Chef Henderson's instructions for making puff pastry in the body of the recipe.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (2) copies of The Complete Nose to Tail to give away.