Chocoholic: Chocolate Nutella Pudding


Nutella pudding is the bomb. [Photograph: Yvonne Ruperti]

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I grew up a My-T-Fine girl. Whenever we'd take my great-grandmother grocery shopping, box after box of My-T-Fine pudding mix was tossed into the cart. Chocolate pudding for her famous cream puffs, and lemon pudding mix for her lemon meringue pies. Back at my house, my mom kept her own stash of boxes on hand, with her favorite being butterscotch. Sometimes I'd be treated to homemade, but my family was hooked on the convenience of the mix.

Mixing up a box mix pudding is no doubt easy, but cooking a version from scratch can be just as simple. And since homemade flavor is world's above any mix, the question of whether to go box or go scratch is a no brainer (sorry Grandma).

This chocolate pudding is super simple. It's just thickened with cornstarch—no eggs, so you don't have to worry about any curdling up an overcooked batch. As I searched my cupboard for another inspiring flavor element, I came across my jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread. Nutella! How could I go wrong with that? I lavishly spooned it into the pudding at the end of cooking, creating an ultra rich and creamy concoction that is perfectly decadent whether served warm or chilled.