Bake the Book: Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake

[Photograph: Peden and Munk]

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One of the great things about dessert is its power to stick in people's minds. Such is the case with Blum's Coffee Cake, a beloved dessert Sweet author Valerie Gordon decided to resurrect. She did it such justice that she was approached by a tearful woman who claimed, "I tasted my childhood." Now, wouldn't you want to make that?

The cake uses coffee two ways: first, in a fluffy coffee whipped cream, and again in an aerated honeycomb candy that provides a contrasting crunchy coating. Layers of lemony chiffon cake gives it structure.

Tips & Tweaks: As one of the more visually arresting cakes in the book, this one requires a little last-minute effort. Keep the crunch separate as you chill and frost the cake. It needs to be added at the last possible moment, lest its delicate structure gets soggy.

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