9 Ways To Preserve Your Summer Fruit


Blueberry Orange Ginger Jam [Photograph: Lucy Baker]

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite summer fruit. We've got recipes for turning your peaches into (peach melba, bellini, and bourbon-spiked) jam, plus blueberry preserves and glorious jars of thyme-laced blackberries and cardamom-scented plums. Check out the recipes below!

The Recipes

Bourbon Peach Jam: This simple jam is full of ripe, fresh peach flavor with hints of bourbon, cinnamon, and vanilla. Serve it with warm buttermilk biscuits, or use it as a filling for a quick summer tart.

Apple Blackberry Thyme Jam: This sweet, tart, herbaceous jam pairs well with hearty whole grain breads and bran muffins. It can also be used as a glaze for pork tenderloin. Pulse the blackberries in the food processor a few times to coarsely puree them.

Apple Blackberry Thyme Jam

Apple Blackberry Thyme Jam [Photograph: Lucy Baker]

Blueberry Lavender Jam: Lavender transforms ordinary blueberry jam into preserves that are positively romantic. Delicate and floral, it would be perfect with scones, croissants, or crostini with fresh ricotta.

Bellini Jam: This wonderfully refreshing Bellini jam combines the sweetness of peaches with the giggly swagger of champagne, making for a homey jam with a punch of flavor from the alcohol. You can zip the peaches in the food processor for a smoother texture, or you can chop them coarsely if you prefer your jam a little chunkier.

Cardamom-Plum Jam: This cardamom-plum version in Southern Living's Little Jars, Big Flavors is an elegant extension of a basic recipe. Fruit is simmered with sugar until it softens and releases its juice, and then the plum pulp is removed from the syrup while it boils. This step may seem surprising—even erroneous—but it keeps the texture of the plums distinct from the syrup and preserves their bright freshness.

Peach Melba Jam: The finished jam is gorgeous—it looks like sunset in a jar. Of course it's delicious on toast or stirred into yogurt, but this is also a good jam to get creative with. It would be a welcome addition to many desserts. Spoon some over wedges of simple butter cake, stir it into cold rice pudding, or sandwich it between your favorite ginger cookies.

Blueberry Rhubarb Jam with Maple Syrup: Thick, silky, and speckled with tiny chunks of blueberries, this jam has a pronounced maple flavor and is lightly scented with star anise, cinnamon, and vanilla. It would be perfect between layers of French toast, but also try it with buttery scones or cinnamon streusel muffins, or swirl it into oatmeal.


Blueberry Rhubarb Maple Jam [Photograph: Lucy Baker]

Blueberry Orange Ginger Jam: This jam pairs peak-of-the-season blueberries with fresh orange juice and a double dose of ginger (fresh and ground). Because it's less sugary, it's great for pairing with sweeter breakfast treats like fruity muffins, banana bread, and zucchini bread. Save a jar for the dead of winter, when you need a reminder of the warm months ahead.

Blueberry Port Jam: This jam has a deep, dark purple hue that looks almost black in the jar. The blueberries and port work together to create an intense, full-bodied jam bursting with ripe fruit flavors. In addition to the berries, there are notes of plum, cherry, and raisin. Try it in a peanut butter sandwich, or as a filling between two layers of lemon cake.