Bake the Book: Tiramisu Charlotte

[Photograph: Georgia Glynn Smith]

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Prettier than your average tiramisu, this recipe from Say It With Cake hits all the right chocolate and coffee notes, using sponge cake to support rich layers of creamy mascarpone and coffee syrup. Surrounded by lady fingers and dusted with cocoa, it's as delicious as it is elegant.

Tips & Tweaks: A sifter is your friend in this recipe. You'll use it first for the sponge cake ingredients, and then to thoroughly dust the layers with cocoa powder. Cocoa powder, fine as flour but dark as night, is best dispersed with a sifter. Spoons dump bitter lumps, and fingertips soon turn black with the effort. Use a firm tapping motion on the side of your sifter while shaking it over the cake.

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