We Try the New Lemonade & Key Lime Doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts


[Photographs: Todd Brock]

Dunkin' Donuts has brought two of the season's quintessential flavors to their lineup for the summer. Now through August, make room next to the crullers and Boston Kremes in your dozen for Lemonade and Key Lime.


Lemonade features a yeast shell with lemon-flavored filling and is topped with white icing and sprinkled with bits of lemonade bark.


The filling is the same that's already used in the chain's lemon filled donut—bright (in both color and flavor) and actually more tart than you might expect.


What really sets this apart, though, is the topdressing layer of lemonade bark shards. Not exactly chewy but not quite crunchy, these candy bits do add some textural interest to the donut. To my palate, the bark has a somewhat artificial taste (duh; lemon bark is in no way a naturally-occurring food item) as opposed to any sort of homemade treat that comes off your mom's cookie sheet on a lazy summer afternoon.


The Key Lime variety follows a nearly-identical formula: a yeast shell filled with key lime flavored filling, frosted with white icing, and decorated on top with graham cracker crumbles.


Cutting into the Key Lime doughnut, there was cause for concern. I had feared finding fake green-hued goo; thankfully, the filling here was pale in color, just like a true key lime pie. Taste-wise, though, don't expect a great burst of identifiable lime flavor: citrusy, but almost generically so.


Dunkin' drives home the pie thing by taking the traditional graham cracker crust and crumbling it over the top of the frosted donut. I personally preferred the Key Lime donut to the Lemonade, but that's solely personal preference. (I'm a big key lime pie fan; I could take or leave lemonade... except in an Arnold Palmer.) But in the end, they're donuts. You'd have to try really hard to screw them up to the point where I wouldn't eat them. I'd gladly add either of these summer donuts to my usual assortment from now until school starts again.

About the Author: Todd Brock lives the glamorous life of a stay-at-home freelance writer in the suburbs of Atlanta. Besides being paid to eat cheeseburgers for AHT, pizzas for Slice, and desserts for Sweets, he's written and produced over 1,000 hours of television and penned Building Chicken Coops for Dummies. When he grows up, he wants to be either the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys or the drummer for The Gaslight Anthem. Or both.