Sugar Rush: Ice Cream Sandwiches at BakerBots, Toronto

20130718-Sugar Rush-BakerBots-Ice Cream Sandwich-Mint and Lemon-2.jpg

Photograph: Stephanie Bourgeois

Ice cream sandwiches at BakerBots Baking are a chose-your-own culinary adventure. From the menu, which boasts a variety of cookies and ice cream options, you select what you'd like and they construct it for you. On my latest visit there were six cookies and 13 types of ice cream available. A Half Ice Cream Sandwich ($4) is made with one cookie and has two scoops of ice cream. A Full Ice Cream Sandwich ($6.50) is made with two cookies and has four scoops of ice cream. You don't have to do the math to know that is a lot of different possible combinations.

The cookie varieties include Ginger Molasses, Captain Peanut, RoCocoa, The Everything, Birthday, and Oatmeal cookies. The RoCocoa is crunchy chocolate cookie brought to life with a pinch of salt. The Birthday is a perfectly chewy-crisp sugar cookie with sprinkles baked into the top. While delicious on their own, the thin and flat cookies are perfect vehicles for the large scoops of ice cream that get sandwiched between them.

Choosing which ice cream to pair with the cookies is where it gets tricky. With over ten options, it can be a little intimidating to select which ice creams not only pair well with the cookie, but also well with each other. There are traditional options such as Garden Fresh Mint and Chocolate-Chocolate, but also more contemporary choices such as Burnt Toffee, and Peanut Butter And Grape Jelly. The ice creams also include local flavors such as SJCB Espresso with coffee from Sam James Coffee Bar and Bellwoods Stout with beer from Bellwoods Brewery.The menu even includes two dairy-free options: raspberry and chocolate sorbet. A personal favorite is Cinnamon Toast (great with a Ginger Molasses cookie). I try to sample a new flavor on every visit, and it's a rule that's never steered me wrong. I sampled the lemon meringue on my latest visit and was blown away by the bright and refreshing ice cream with flecks of lemon zest.

While the store is open from 11am to 10pm on weekends, it only opens after 3pm on weekdays, and not at all on Mondays. Quite frankly, that's not enough time for ice cream sandwich adventures.

BakerBots Baking

205 Delaware Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H (map) (416) 901-3500