Sugar Rush: Coconut Cream Pie at The Frisco Shop, Austin


[Photograph by Veronica Meewes]

The bakers at The Frisco Shop are no strangers to making pie. In fact, this August, the iconic Austin diner will celebrate its 60th birthday.

Step inside and the long counter will beckon you to sit and stay for a cup of coffee. Before you know it, you're eating a generous slice of one of their classic desserts. How could you not? Their counter, which faces the open kitchen, was pretty much made for sipping milkshakes and savoring pie à la mode. They even offer a dessert happy hour Monday through Thursday from 3 until 5 p.m.

While their warm, eggy pecan pie pairs devilishly well with cold, creamy Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, I couldn't keep my eyes off the towering coconut cream pie.

"I don't think we fully appreciate coconut until we're adults," says general manager Deborah Donovan. "When you're a kid you want chocolate and things that are super sweet. And that's the joy of coconut—it's not too sweet."

Each hefty slice of this pie is topped with a cloud of cream. Yet it manages to balance carefully in a delightfully thin, flaky crust. Overall, it's about one third smooth custard to two-thirds barely sweet cream, with a shower of coconut flakes across the whole creation.

The Frisco Shop

6801 Burnet Road Austin TX 78757 (map); (512)-459-6279;

About the Author: Veronica Meewes is an Austin-based freelance writer and food blogger who will travel for food but always comes back for breakfast tacos. Follow her on Twitter @wellfedlife and visit her blog.