Ask the Pastry Chef: What to Eat at dahlia bakery in Seattle

[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

As Executive Pastry Chef of the Tom Douglas empire of restaurants in Seattle, Stacy Fortner has been overseeing the bread and pastry program at 13 different restaurants (and counting) for the past four years. That includes the popular Belltown spot dahlia bakery, which stocks an impressive variety of sweet and savory items for having such a small footprint.

Coconut Cream Pie Bite ($2.50)

You may already know the bakery for one of their all-time most popular items: the famous triple coconut cream pie, which is so full of coconut, there's two cups of it in the pastry cream alone. The pie has been a mainstay since its invention in 1989, and is on the dessert menu at several of Tom Douglas' restaurants including Etta's, Dahlia Lounge and Seatown. At dahlia bakery, they've got it by the slice, plus full pies in two sizes and pint-sized "pie bites". Too far away from Seattle to score a slice? You can always make your own, at home. The recipe is featured in Tom Douglas' Seattle Seattle Kitchen (and on

Stacy says she's definitely a fan of the coco cream, but since it's already so well-known, she wanted to give some of her other favorites a shout out.

Take a look through the slide-show for Stacy's top five pastry picks at dahlia bakery>>

dahlia bakery

2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (map)