From the Pastry Dungeon: Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes with Maple Roast Rhubarb


[Photograph: Anna Markow]

Switching food industry jobs and moving houses are terribly similar. Only a crazy person would attempt both at once. Guess what I'm up to.

When you get into an unfamiliar kitchen, much like getting into a new house or apartment, it's really disorienting. Your tools and ingredients, the locations which you know out of pure muscle memory, have to be re-learned. Doing basic prep can be the equivalent of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to find an unfamiliar bathroom in the dark.

In either case, it's good to start simple. Put a few basic things on your menu to ease yourself in, much like unpacking your essentials first. Once you're more comfortable in your space and with your clientele, move on to more complicated and experimental things, much like experimenting with arranging your furniture in different ways.

Lately my days are filled with recipe research and unpacking. It's not leaving a lot of time to do baking at home, but I did manage to make something tasty to fuel our actual move.

I'm not usually a big fan of pancakes, but I am a big fan of whole grains. I picked up some gorgeous rhubarb on an impulse at a green market, and I figured a nice tart roasted rhubarb compote would be a lovely alternative to pure maple syrup. Whole wheat flour with a little roughly ground oats thrown in make fluffy, tasty pancakes, and a relatively healthy way to fuel a day of packing, hefting and unpacking.

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About the Author: Anna Markow is a pastry chef obsessed with doing things that no one else does and giving unusual ingredients their time to shine. You can follow her sometimes-pastry-related thoughts on Twitter @VerySmallAnna.