Weekend Baking Project: S'mores Brownie Bars


[Photograph: Maria del Mar Sacasa]

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We here at Serious Eats like to think that we're always one step ahead of food trends, clairvoyant and all-seeing into what people want to eat next. OK, not really, but given the fact that pastry chefs across the country are going wild for updated versions of childhood sweets, it is pretty cool that we nailed it back in 2011. Case in point: these S'mores Brownie Bars. To make the childhood treat a little more grownup, a layer of intense, bittersweet chocolate is sandwiched between a graham cracker crust and a toasted mini-marshmallow topping. Also great for people who find themselves rained out of the great outdoors.

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S'mores Brownie Bars ยป