Chocoholic? Ice Cream Obsessive? A Guide To Making Dessert For Dad

It's tempting to make a list of "dad desserts" that just includes everything beer and broey (as much as desserts can be such a thing.) But you know what? Dads are just like us. Some like chocolate. Some like vanilla. Some are cookie monsters and some want nothing more than a pint of ice cream that they can ruin for the rest of us. Click through the slideshow for inspiration for dads of all kinds.

Go Straight to the Recipes

For the dad who loves to dig all the good bits out of a pint of Ben and Jerry's
For the dad who just wants a really good chocolate chip cookie
For the dad for whom bacon is not a trend
For the dad who likes salty-sweet snacks
For the Anglophile
For the dad you suspect used to like a good shot of tequila
For the dad who loves a good fruit pie
For the adventurous dad
For the dad who loves red sauce Italian
For the kid at heart
For the chocoholic