Chocoholic: Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

[Photograph: Yvonne Ruperti]

When I want to squelch my chocolate craving, I usually head for my favorite brownie recipe. This time, though, I thought I'd bake off a cookie version instead. Brownie cookies are probably as chocolatey as you can get with a cookie as they have lots of melted chocolate and very little flour. They're meant to offer everything good about a brownie—moist center, chewy exterior—without having to wait for a whole pan of brownies to bake.

I decided to take my brownie recipe for Perfect Brownies and give it a makeover into a cookie version. Knowing that the cookie dough/batter would have to be scoop-able and hold it's shape in the oven, I tweaked a few things. I cut back slightly on the butter and the eggs, and begrudgingly stirred in an extra 2 tablespoons flour (they were super flat without it). I stuck with deep dark 70% bittersweet chocolate, and instead of cocoa powder I added unsweetened chocolate.

While you don't usually whip your eggs for brownies, I found a few recipes for brownie cookies that do, so I tried it thinking that volumizing the eggs would create a thicker batter. Nope. While this step didn't do that at all (I still had to chill the batter to get it to hold it's shape), the dissolved sugar from the egg beating created that sought after glossy surface on top (which I never seem to get with my pan brownies).

To counter the extra flour that I had to add to the batter, I tossed in a whole cup of bittersweet chips. That means that when you bite into the still warm cookies, there's a luxurious molten chocolate center. So maybe these aren't faster than a pan brownie, but for pure chocolate factor, brownie cookies are a definite keeper in my cookie file.

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