A Look at CreamCycle, Now Delivering Ice Cream Sandwiches by Tricycle in Washington DC


[Photographs: Brian Oh]

Since the beginning of May, chef Carlos Delgado and CreamCycle have been peddling (and pedaling) ice cream sandwiches all over DC. The current executive chef of Boveda and his partners have crafted five custom, freezer equipped tricycles (as well as a number of static kiosks in shops like Smucker Farms) to patrol the District with Delgado's particular brand of locally sourced, gourmet ice cream sandwiches.

A sendup to Delgado's home country of Peru, where it is not uncommon to see ice cream laden bicycles, the roughly 20 available flavors draw not only from Delgado's heritage, but also from the inventive approaches to classic flavors that he uses at Boveda. Delgado has plans to introduce classic Peruvian flavors like lúcuma, which is a subtropical fruit native to Peru that Delgado says "looks like an avocado and tastes like vanilla," and other passion fruits. For now, the menu is replete with unexpected combinations of flavors. Take the Corn Maple (corn flavored ice cream with a maple cornbread cookie) or the Bacon & Olive (olive oil ice cream and bacon bits with a bacon cookie). They're simple flavors, but combined in imaginative ways to keep it interesting. Other notable flavors include the Cereal Milk ice cream sandwich (cereal milk infused ice cream with a granola cookie). Remember when you used to slurp up the thick, sugary residue left in your bowl after your morning cereal? That's basically what that is, but in ice cream sandwich form.


The Mexican Jalapeño Chocolate and the Coconut Squared. The Coconut Squared layers light coconut ice cream and chocolate for a refreshing chill. A stark contrast to the dense, heavy, spiciness of the former.

The Mexican Jalapeño Chocolate is Delgado's signature flavor. Jalapeño ice cream that lays down a lingering heat long after the chill is gone (but not as spicy as the habanero in the Banana Java Habanero) and a dark spiced chocolate cookie that's basically the classic chocolate-vanilla ice cream sandwich but with the characteristic twist that's prevalent in all of Delgado's menu.

Each ice cream sandwich is $5 and each bike will carry about 100 at a time. Routes will vary day to day and bikes will be resupplied as needed via Delgado's Honda Ruckus. They'll even be running late night hours. Imagine hitting the bars on U St. late on a Saturday and then seeing one of the CreamCycle bikes as you stumble out of a bar at 2 a.m. That can happen now, but you'll have to keep an eye on CreamCycle's Twitter feed to pinpoint where each bike will be.


202-738-1401; creamcycledc.com