Bake the Book: Lemonade Jelly with Basil

[Photograph: Stacy Newgent]

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When the summer heat cranks lemonade cravings to Pavlovian levels, try these jelly squares from Bakeless Sweets. They're a delightfully jiggly version of the drink itself, made earthy with the addition of fresh basil.

Tips: If you're harvesting leaves from your own basil plant, use the large lower leaves for steeping, and the tiny, tender top leaves for garnish.

Tweaks: The recipe specifies using pulp-free orange juice to keep from clouding the jelly. Take the same care with the lemons; strain the pulp from the juice before adding to the basil leaves to steep. It's a simple extra step that makes an already simple recipe foolproof.

Get the Recipe

Lemonade Jelly with Basil ยป

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