Bake the Book: Banana Pastis Pie

[Photograph: Jean-Pierre Gabriel]

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Slices of caramelized banana coated in anise liqueur laid down on a pillow of puff pastry possess sophisticated flavor for a process so simple. Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook provides a recipe for an open-faced "pie" that's sure to be consumed faster than it takes to bake.

Tips: If you're buying your puff pastry frozen, let it come to room temperature before attempting to unroll. To maximize your time, pop the unrolled sheet in the fridge first thing and do all your prep in that 30-minute window the recipe recommends.

Tweaks: Pastis, sometimes better known as Pernod, is an anise-flavored apéritif used in both savory and sweet cooking, and developed in France as a substitute for absinthe. You can purchase Pernod in nearly any liquor store, or make your own for very little effort or money. (Find the recipe here.)

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