Snapshots from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

[Photographs: Kasimu Harris]

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is home to some of the premiere musical acts from across the globe playing simultaneously within strolling distance of one another. Where else can Fleetwood Mac and Frank Ocean be found duking it out mere yards apart, competing for the eager ears and dancing feet of festival goers? While folks come for the music, there's no argument that they stay for the snacks, which have become the stuff of legend over the course of Jazzfest's storied 43 year history.

Held on the final weekend in April and the first weekend in May each year, from the first day until the final mango freeze is sold, lines are deep and herds filled with people itching to get their hands on delicious fairground treats. This year the event was especially trying, as torrential downpours and sloppy, muddy conditions threatened to squelch the spirits and palates of sweet enthusiast.

By the final day, though, the sun was shining and people everywhere were kicking off their shoes and munching happily on snoballs, fry bread, and shortcakes in the warm spring sunshine.

Click through the slideshow above to see some of the best sweets the festival had to offer.