Pie of the Week: Roasted Green Grape Rosemary Tart


[Photograph: Sarah Baird]

Picking out a favorite fruit can be a lot like attempting to describe what one looks for in a potential partner. Some folks prefer the exotic and exciting: the swashbuckling, treetop flying likes of papayas, jackfruit, and mangos. Others are looking for something a bit more traditional with a cozy charm that plums, pears, and apples can bring to the table. The produce aisle really is nothing more than one giant speed date for your taste buds.

What no one quibbles over, though, is that grapes are the charming nice guy of the group—the kind of fruit you can take home to meet mom, but also can get a little cheeky when necessary. (Hello, wine!) In this simple, elegant tart, the flavor of grapes is elevated to the next level through roasting and complemented by the rich aromatics of a rosemary crust.

Green grapes aren't the typical go-to fruit for baking needs as they are often too bulbous or borderline sour to make a cake, pie, or crumble shine. Behold the power of roasting, which is able to expertly extract the sugars and juices from the green grapes while providing the tart with an almost caramel-like glaze. After roasting, the grapes become a kind of jelly-like sweet treat with the tangy bite of the skin still attached. If you're ever looking for a quick, healthy snack, roasted green grapes easily stand on their own as a delicious treat or unexpectedly refined dessert.

When pleating the edges of the tart, do so in one direction to create a look that is uniform, with pleats approximately 2-3 inches wide. If you're more interested in going for a modern, edgy look, fold up larger pieces of the dough in six parts until a hexagon shape is formed.

This tart would also be lovely with the green grape relative and Southern-favorite muscadines. A subset of muscadines called scuppernong (or "scuplin" if you're hunting for these in rural areas) are similar in size and color to traditional green grapes, and would be a striking, tart balance to the sweet red muscadines inside the dessert.

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