Bake the Book: Sweet Spoonbread Soufflé

[Photograph: Grant Cornett]

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Summer-sweet corn and buttermilk come together to make this soufflé from Smoke & Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a new Southern Kitchen. Boosted with a cup of cornmeal, this dessert takes the satisfying density of spoonbread and lightens it with a meringue.

Tips: This dessert is a combination of textures, but "soufflé" is in the title for a reason: these fall shortly after being taken out of the oven, so serve immediately. And speaking of soufflés, don't fret if you don't have soufflé molds. Chances are you do have 4-to-5 ounce ramekins, and those are exactly what you need.

Tweaks: Step 5 of the recipe says to whisk the egg yolks into the cooled corn mixture. It's not explicitly stated, but make sure the corn mixture isn't much warmer than room temperature before whisking. Same goes for the yolks: they shouldn't be refridgerator-cold. Put a little of the corn mix into the yolks before whisking in the yolks; it'll regulate the temperature and prevent separation.

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