Cookies We Love: Macarons at 'lette Macarons, Los Angeles


[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

While macarons may be an elusive treat in many cities across the country, in Los Angeles, there has been a population boom. One of the foremost places to sample the airy French cookie is 'lette, a boutique with five locations in LA that sells macarons—and only macarons. I stopped by the original outpost in Beverly Hills, where 14 flavors of chic and cheery macarons were laid out like a giant cookie rainbow.


left to right: raspberry, rose, pineapple, passion fruit, sweet wedding almond, earl grey tea

You can nab a single macaron for $1.75 each, but it's better to get the box of 6 ($10.50), which allows you to sample almost half of the flavors on offer. Combing through online reviews revealed two front-runners which, had I not heard raves about, I probably would have skipped: sweet wedding almond and earl grey tea. Both were excellent. I also snagged a few tropical fruit flavors (pineapple and passionfruit) along with rose and raspberry.

Each cookie had the same texture: light and airy, with a crisp shell and soft interior. Holding the two halves together is a silky and sweet curd the same flavor as the cookie.


I'd skip the rose. It was too subdued, and neither the fragrance nor the flavor really registered. The raspberry was the mirror opposite: intense, with a bright, acidic bite. All of the others were worthy of a repeat taste, but for me, the one flavor that will always have priority boarding into that little white box is the passion fruit.

'lette Macarons

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