First Look: Dessert and Cocktail Pairing Menu at Firefly, Washington DC

[Photographs: Brian Oh]

For some inexplicable reason, cocktails and desserts pairings are not already a ubiquitous after dinner offering. Here to fix that are mixologist Jon Harris and chef de cuisine Todd Wiss at the Dupont Circle mainstay, Firefly. Launching one of the first dessert menus of its kind, each dessert is paired with a specially made cocktail to create a seamless flavor profile. "The idea, ostensibly," says Harris, "is that the patron views the drink and dessert as a singular whole rather than two separate components."

From a hazelnut ice cream sandwich paired with a Cynar, Cointreau, and stout cocktail to a red velvet cake paired with a mastiha, vermouth, and cocoa bitters cocktail, the new menu is a great alternative to trying to find a dessert that goes with your leftover dinner wine. Click through to the slideshow to see a sample of each of the six pairings.


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