Bake the Book: Date Walnut Muffins

[Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin]

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Quit pretending the muffin-shaped cake you picked up this morning is doing you any nutritional favors, and try these date walnut muffins from Mad Hungry Cravings. Whole wheat flour makes them filling, dates make them sweet. Add walnuts for crunch and you're good to go.

Tips: Allot a little time for the coffee-date mixture to cool, especially if you're making these in the morning before work or class. The book also mentions a date-nut puree: next time you're making these, set aside an extra portion of coffee and dates to steep together. Once cooled, pour off most of the coffee, and blend into a paste. Spread on everything.

Tweaks: No safflower oil? Plain vegetable oil works in a pinch, but coconut oil is an ideal substitute.

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