Taste Test: New Ritter Sport Winter Edition Chocolates


[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

I always thought that Ritter Sport looked a little out of place at my local Walgreens. Aren't you a little too classy for this place? I wanted to ask. Shouldn't you be hanging out with the Kinders and Baci at the local gourmet deli? Not that I mind having Ritter Sport on call. The chocolate comes in a flavor to serve just about every need—29 at last Wikipedia count. Plus, with their pre-partitioned blocks, they're great for snacking.

This winter, I noticed two new flavors: Coconut Macaroon and Dark Praline Cream. There's already a huge variety of flavors (see above) but I applaud the Ritter Sport chocolatiers for their enthusiasm. I'd venture that only 50+ flavors makes you a true chocoboss, and, anyway, who doesn't love special editions?


Coconut Macaroon

This package shows two squares of chocolate in front of a coconut macaroon cookie; pretty clearly spelling out what flavor you should be expecting. I hoped that the overall experience was going to be like a eating chocolate dipped macaroon cookie, which I love.

How did it fare? Well the flavor was almost there. The first bite surprises you with its similarity to a macaroon, while the second and third start to feel sweet, eventually rising into the tooth-ache category. The thing is that macaroons are typically dipped in dark chocolate, and the milk chocolate here is just too light to provide the needed contrast.

The other thing you realize in the next few bites is that there is something not quite right about the texture. A look at the package shows that the filling is actually a mixture of milk chocolate creme, pieces of coconut macaroons, and crispy rice. Ah, hello crunch. But it was less crunchy (as the rice might lead you to expect) or chewy (if it was all cookie shards) and more gritty. Overall, not the worst cookie-as-chocolate bar I've had, but also not the best. I wouldn't pick this up again.


Dark Praline Creme

When I hear praline I think pecan, but apparently that doesn't hold true in Germany. The interior of this bar is a hazelnut and dark chocolate creme. That's fine by me, because the hazelnut flavor is distinctly hazelnut, and good, in a way that even mass produced European chocolate makers seem able to get right. (Why American Nutella, why?) Speaking of Nutella, that's basically what the interior of this bar tastes like, furthered by the extra smooth ganache-like texture. My only qualm would be that the dark chocolate coating isn't particularly dark, but we are talking about drug store chocolate here, so pick your battles. Overall, I'd totally put this into my regular Ritter Sport rotation if they keep it on.