Sugar Rush: "Nancy's Favorite" Cookies from Short Cake, Los Angeles


[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

Short Cake, in the Original Farmers Market, is a worthy place to satisfy a craving for something sweet. The bakery-cafe is a collaboration between Amy Pressman, who also co-owns burger spot Short Order, located a few steps away, and Nancy Silverton of Pizzeria Mozza. Hourie Sahakian does the baking, including whipping up an impressive array of mini pies, scones, bars, muffins, tarts, teacakes, and croissants, but I tested the bakery's temperature with something simpler: a chocolate chip cookie ($2).

The fact that it was called "Nancy's Favorite" (as in Nancy Silverton) piqued my interest, but it was the discs of dark chocolate from TCHO that sealed the deal. Unlike the cookie from Rockenwagner, the chocolate wasn't evenly dispersed throughout the cookie, but concentrated into discs approximately the size of a quarter. Some bites were mostly the crisp, buttery batter, while others were full throttle chocolate.


The cookies were crisp around the edges, and become chewier the closer you get to the center. They're great as a walking around snack, but better paired with a caffeinated beverage from Single Origin, the on-site coffee bar. The TCHO mocha, a cold brew, or "Aunt Nancy's Shakerato" (four shots of espresso, blended up with honey and milk) would be perfect.

Short Cake

6333 W 3rd St., Stall #316 Los Angeles, CA 90036, in the Original Farmers Market (map) 323-933-8929