Snapshots From Hong Kong: Red Bean Pie from McDonald's

From February 9 to 17, I visited Hong Kong on a trip sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Here's a look at something I ate during my trip. Make sure to check out my other Snapshots from Hong Kong.


Last week I wrote about how I visited McDonald's during my trip in Hong Kong to try their limited-time Prosperity Burger, but I didn't mention that that was maybe 10 percent of why I wanted to go. The other 90 percent was because I reallllly wanted to try their red bean pie (HK$6, about 80¢), a deep fried pie filled with sweetened, mashed red beans, a common ingredient in Asian desserts (and one of my favorite flavors for any kind of sweet).


Most McDonald's in the US may have switched from deep-fried pies to baked, but the rest of the world knows that's crazy inferior. And thus bubbly, crackly-chewy crust action was mine.


Like the box said, the pie was hot and the gooey red bean filling was just slightly sweet. Its flavor was somewhat synthetic but tasty enough to make me want to eat it again. (Admittedly, I probably eat just about any filling in that fried crust.)

What other good non-apple McDonald's pies have you tried outside the US?