Bake the Book: Aniseed Shortbread

[Photograph: Petrina Tinslay]

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It doesn't get much more classically Italian than the taste and scent of aniseed. That licorice flavor is as intense as it is divisive. But this shortbread from Nigellissima has plenty of buttery crumble and a subtle sweetness that makes the aniseed component balanced, not biting. If you aren't a licorice fan, try this recipe. You might be surprised.

Tips: Shortbread is a simple food, and is therefore best when prepared as such; no need to get fancy. All you need in the way of equipment is a food processor and springform pan.

Tweaks: Truly terrified of that licorice flavor but want to try your hand at shortbread? Halve the amount of aniseed called for (that would be one teaspoon, instead of two).

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Aniseed Shortbread ยป

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