Pie of the Week: Coriander Key Lime Meringue Pie

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[Photos: Lauren Weisenthal]

Key lime pie is gorgeous in its simplicity; a velvet custard full of brightness and tang, cradled in a graham cracker crust, topping optional. Devotees of the dessert tend to be traditionalists, and get offended at the slightest attempt to mess around with the flavors. To those purists out there, I'm sorry, this recipe is probably not for you. For everyone else, adding a little hint of coriander to key lime pie adds a delightful dimension of flavor that's worth trying the next time you've got little key limes in your possession.

The recipe is simple, but be sure you leave enough time. Before you make the filling, crushed coriander seeds must be mixed with freshly squeezed, warmed key lime juice, and allowed to steep overnight in the fridge. This process imparts the subtle flavor of coriander into the juice, which is then added to the recipe and baked as you would any other key lime pie.

I decided to top mine with bruleed meringue, but if you'd prefer something richer, whipped cream is a great alternative.

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