First Look: The Sweets at Runner and Stone, Brooklyn, NY

[Photograph: Maryse Chevriere]

If you approached the corner of 3rd Ave and Carroll Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn a year or so ago, you probably would have kept walking, simply passing through another Brooklyn block. But this year, the arrival of French-American patisserie Runner and Stone joins this intersection of small but mighty food destinations, making 3rd and Carroll a pinpoint on the Brooklyn artisanal food map.

"Here we have a captive audience, rooted and dedicated to the community," says Peter Endriss, head baker and co-owner, while fondly recalling an already regular customer who grew up in the area. While normally having to venture up to 5th Ave in Park Slope or over to BoCoCa for serious pastry, this hungry, friendly, and welcoming Gowanus community can now enjoy true French pastry and dining for neighborhood friendly prices. Almond croissant with almond cream and vanilla rum syrup for $3.25? Sounds good to us.

Besides the focus on delivering a reasonable price point and friendly neighborhood vibe, Runner and Stone is all about making pastry that's classic, detail-oriented, and delicious. The aforementioned almond croissant glistens with sliced almonds, bursts with the classic almond cream and gets an unexpected swirl of vanilla rum syrup. For those in need of the 3 p.m. sugar boost, Peter has redefined the American brownie, adding rye and caraway (signs of a bread baker's brownie), which results in a rich, slightly left-of-center favorite.

The bakery features slick charcoal colored paneling and streamlined lighting, allowing the space to seamlessly transition from bread display in the morning hours to a neighborhood bar and restaurant at night.

Click through the slideshow below to see more of what pastry Runner and Stone has to offer.

Runner and Stone 285 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 [map] 718-576-3360