Ben & Jerry's Says Goodbye to "30 Rock" with New "Liz Lemon" Greek Yogurt


NBC's quirky Tina Fey-penned sitcom "30 Rock" may have ended on Thursday night, but its lovable title character will live on in a freezer case near you. That same night, Ben & Jerry's ice cream unveiled its new flavor "Liz Lemon," part of its Greek frozen yogurt line.

It's smooth and creamy, with a tangy lemony flavor, and has a subtle blueberry-lavender swirl running through. The yogurt will be available in scoop shops this month and in stores soon after, and sales will benefit the Jumpstart charity, an education organization supported by Fey.

The yogurt seems a bit healthy for Lemon's tastes, which on the series veered towards all things cheesy or fried or both, but we think it's a nice alternative to plain ol' lemon sorbet, and it'll make for a refreshing treat this summer when warmer temperatures roll in.