Bake the Book: Sambuca Kisses

[Photograph: Petrina Tinslay]

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"Baci" is Italian for "kiss". Flavored with Sambuca, these little baci from Nigellissima taste lightly of aniseed and orange zest. Whole-milk ricotta gives them a creaminess that's lightened when they're fried.

Tips: Let the ingredients come to room temperature before beating them together. Leave the ricotta out on the counter while assembling the rest of the ingredients, and dip the egg in a bowl of warm water for a couple minutes before cracking. It brings everything together more smoothly.

Tweaks: A vanilla bean, split and pushed into powdered sugar, makes it into vanilla powdered sugar, which would be delectable sprinkled over these kisses. Make sure to add the bean at least a few days before making the kisses.

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Sambuca Kisses ยป

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