Sugar Rush: The Kaya Doughnut at The Spice Table, Los Angeles


[Photograph: Cathy Chaplin]

An enticing Instagram photo snapped by Chef Bryant Ng of The Spice Table sent me into a doughnut-induced tizzy. As someone who is continually on the search for the best deep-fried high around, I had to make my way to this Little Tokyo gem for a taste of "The Kaya Doughnut" ($3) stat.

While dinner here is a dimly lit affair showcasing the traditional cuisines of Singapore and Vietnam, weekend brunch brings a well-edited menu of Asian and American breakfast staples like congee and French toast. The Kaya Doughnut is the perfect marriage of both culinary traditions.

The dough was soft, sweet, and fried just right. It came neatly coated in a pitch perfect coconut- and pandan-flavored glaze, and I love how the pale green topping strikes a distinctly tropical note reminiscent of Southeast Asian desserts. What really sealed the doughnut deal were the strategically sprinkled flecks of fleur de sel atop the ring; they proved to be the perfect foil to all the sweetness.

The Spice Table

114 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (map);(213) 620-1840;