Scooped: Clementine Sorbet


I scream, you scream, we all scream for...


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

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The cute size. The easy-peel rind. The discrete segments. All that and the delicately sweet flavor make clementines some of my favorite fruit. Sure, they're not the most exciting citrus, but you can eat them like popcorn and plow through a case without thinking about it. Which I do about once a week.

But even the most die hard winter clementine fans can get a little bored with eating the fruit straight, which is where this sorbet comes in. Unlike some other citrus sorbets, clementine juice churns up plenty creamy with minimal adulterations and not too much extra sugar. And when I say creamy, I mean sherbet creamy, as in, you're sure there's no dairy in this?

Another nice thing about the easygoing sweetness and low acidity of clementines: the filtered juice tastes like a melted creamsicle. Which means that when frozen it tastes a whole lot like a creamsicle, no vanilla required!

There's just one thing to keep in mind for this easy and rewarding sorbet: keep your clementines in the fridge before you start juicing. If you do, you can send the finished base right through the churn as soon as you're done. That means that about 45 minutes after you start peeling, you can have fresh sorbet in your bowl. Winter is rarely this kind.

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