Pie of the Week: Chocolate Cream Pie


[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

Not all chocolate cream pies are created equal. I've tried ones with luscious, dark chocolate fillings as thick as pure ganache. I've had outstanding milk chocolate pudding fillings, and chocolate silk versions lightened by meringue and light as air. You can't rate any one best— it just comes down to personal preference and taste. But for me, if I were ever to enjoy just one chocolate cream pie for the rest of my life, this one would be it.

This pie satisfies the kid inside me, the one who prefers puddings to any fancy plated dessert creation you'd see in fine dining. When it comes to my pudding, I like it to be perfectly smooth, skin free, and lightened with a fold of whipped heavy cream just before serving. As a pie filling, this means that the pie will not be so pretty once it's sliced, (it doesn't set up the way some others do) but it's guaranteed to have a creamy, light texture and is oh-so-delightful alongside the flaky and slightly savory all-butter crust. For pudding lovers like me, this is simply not to be missed.

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