Bake The Book: Bouchon Bakery Marshmallow Eggs

[Photograph: Deborah Jones]

Even though it's January, a sign of spring is always welcome. And these pretty little lighter-than-air eggs give us something to look forward to. Nothing more complex than marshmallows and decorating sugar, but they're worlds better than anything store-bought. They're a bit of a project, but they're a tradition, according to the Bouchon Bakery cookbook. Try them for yourself and see.

Tips: Making the eggs, from start to finish, is a two-day affair. Once made, the icing sugar needs to sit overnight, and once assembled, the eggs need to sit overnight. But making the sugar only takes a few minutes, and assembling the eggs is fairly simple. For the sugar, be sure not to use liquid food coloring. It won't take. Powdered food coloring and citric acid can both be found at specialty food shops, or online. Also, for the eggs themselves, buy the sturdier plastic ones. The flimsier versions don't hold up too well to warm marshmallow mixture.

Tweaks: Just as with the last recipe, if you don't have a pastry bag/piping tip, approximate one with a ziploc bag with its corner cut. Shake a bit of cornstarch into the bag to line it so the marshmallow won't stick.

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