We Try the Limited Edition Holiday Peeps

[Photographs: Tiffany Tay]

Oh, Peeps. Staring up at me from your plastic cocoon. There are few candies so polarizing as you. People who love you have all sorts of tips for eating/playing with you—from letting you veg out in the fridge uncovered to biting your bottom off and sticking you on the dorm wall. On the other hand, people who hate you appear to hate you with a passion usually reserved for multi-generational family grudges.

I will readily confess that I am not in your fan club, but in the spirit of the holiday season, I decided to give a couple of your visiting family members a try.

First up was your festive red and white cousin, sporting a milk chocolate bottom, Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in Chocolate.

I tentatively opened the package and took a whiff. Smells like chocolate. Nothing fishy there. Pulling a little chick out of the package, white sugar crystals and flecks of red peppermint rubbed against my fingertips. I took a bite. Hey...this is not too bad! It had a crunchy sugar coating typical of Peeps that played well off the plushy marshmallow texture, and the fattiness of the milk chocolate melts into everything else in your mouth. Subtly mint-flavored, these Peeps suffered from only one misstep: too sweet.

Having survived the first Peep tasting, I opened the package of Gingerbread Flavored Marshmallow Men not so tentatively. The aroma of these fluffy guys actually reminded me of gingerbread. Crazy, huh? Like the Candy Cane Peeps, the crunchy-soft texture of the candy worked well. Instead of cooling peppermint, the Gingerbread Men Peeps left a touch of tingly spice on my tongue. Not that I'm complaining. I have a deep, unrepentant love for spicy ginger.

All in all, I'm still not a fan simply because I prefer a little less "sweet" in my sweets. But I can no longer say I do not like Peeps. If anything, I'd eat Gingerbread Peeps once a year. It's a Christmas miracle!

Have you tried these limited edition Peeps? What did you think?