We Try Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate for Shake Shack


Mast Brothers, the artisanal Brooklyn-based chocolate company, is teaming up with Shake Shack, the burger joint that needs no introduction, to create a special "Shake Shack" dark chocolate bar. It will be sold at all Shake Shack locations for $9.

Like other Mast Brothers products, this bar is wrapped in nice, textured paper, and printed with a black and white graphic rendering of Shake Shack's original Madison Square Park location. A cool illustration to be sure—but how was the chocolate?

The package says the bar contains 73% cacao and it definitely veers towards the dark. It's bitterness is so rich and flavorful that it's sour, and so sour that it's almost sweet. Basically, this bar is so intense that it's hard to tell if you're getting sweetness or bitterness. It gives your mouth something to think about. There are also vague hints of coffee and spice. The texture is a bit gritty, but this isn't a problem for my mouth.

This has the potential to divide chocolate lovers. It's almost citrus-y, which will speak to some and not others. I guess the bigger question is, with burgers and frozen custards galore, who goes to Shake Shack wanting a chocolate bar?

Have you tried the bar? What did you think?